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What is your crylopolisis/ fat freezing

Cryogenic Lipolysis – FAT FREEZING. A safe, affordable, and comfortable procedure that has:

No Downtime

No Scars

And is Fast and Affordable.

The treatment leaves you with smooth, effortless, natural results you will love.

In just one treatment, you’ll loose some fat from that problem area. 

Fat cells are highly sensitive to cold temperatures. The Crylopolisis fat removal system delivers controlled cooling on targeted areas, for those stubborn and resistant fat cells under the skin. The treated fat cells are crystallized by the cool temperature, which causes them to expire and then be naturally and permanently eliminated from the body. This leaves you a slimmer, smoother, tighter body. Each treatment decreases the number of fat cells in the targeted area. Fat can be reduced on multiple areas of the body.  While one session can provide significant results, additional sessions may further enhance your results. The procedure is completely non-invasive and non-surgical, so you can expect to return to normal activities immediately after a session

This technology was developed by dermatologists at Harvard Medical School in a study that revealed fat cells have a lower temperature tolerance so are more responsive to the effects of cold in contrast to surrounding tissue.  It was noticed that some kids who sucked on ice pops had sunken cheeks and this prompted the study.

cryolipolysis vs liposuction

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that requires general anesthesia. It removes fatty deposits through tubes inserted in the targeted areas. It provides immediate results, but requires a week of recovery time. Crylopolysis is non-surgical so there is no downtime and offers excellent results

Cryolipolisis vs Diet and Exercise

Cryolipolis is not an alternative to proper diet and exercise. Diet and exercise can help you lose weight, but they do not permanently remove fat cells, nor do they target specific parts of the body. Cryolipolisis freezes off fat cells and your body discards them permanently

And the evidence?

The 319 scientific literature articles on Cryolipolisis show us that the average reduction, based on caliper measurement, ranged from 14.67% to 28.5% for external measurement of fat loss. The average reduction internally tested by ultrasound ranged from a 10.3% to 25.5% reduction in fat cells.

what can and can't be treated


• Inner and outer thighs 
• Buttocks/Under bra rolls
• Hips/love handles
• Lower back/muffin top
• Upper & lower abdomen
• Chest/man boobs and upper arms

What areas can't you treat?

• Ankles • Gynocomastia (female breast tissue) • Wrists • Neck and chin * not intended for obese or those with loose skin

Hear from our inventor Lord Jason Scott about how crylopolisis works.

FDA approved

Cryogenic Lipolysis Benefits

Natural Looking Results

Three months after their first session, clients have seen natural-looking results of a smoother and slimmer treated area. The crystallized fat cells will naturally work their way out of your body through the lymphatic system, and be excreted with other biological waste, so we expect that it may take a few weeks to really notice the results. However, we do have many clients reporting that they can see their fat reduction after just one session and even more noticeably within the first two-four weeks.

Safe and Convenient

Safe and Convenient A single CryoLipo session lasts up to 45 minutes, with no scaring, incisions or downtime. CryoLipo is safe because of the highly targeted delivery of cooling affects in the affected area, leaving adjacent tissues untouched. It’s so convenient that during our CryoLipo session, clients are able to do work on their mobile device, read or even sleep.

Performed by Trained Aesthtic Body Specialists

Performed byTrained Aesthtic Body Specialists We have trained practitioners to perform the CryoLipo treatment. Our team of aestheticians and body specialists are highly knowledgeable. Most of our clients choose to have treatments on their abdomen, glutes and inner and outer thighs. Some male clients also elect to have their upper chest treated. If you can squeeze it, we can freeze it.

who are we

Diane Kenny is a Hudson Valley-based practitioner of Cryo Body Sculpting and offers in-office appointments in Middletown. Diane is currently offering a special spring price on a package of 10 treatments to help you achieve your dream of getting rid not only of those extra pounds, but as well those stubborn pockets of fat that just never seem to disappear, no matter how hard we exercise! You will be amazed by the results, as thousands of others have been! Diane can be reached by email or phone at 845 434 9069 from Mon. to Thrus. From 10 to 6. The email is info @ and then iniusa and add the dot com. INI uses it’s own Lokima brand machine with many testimonials. Located in Wimbleton, England, you can hear from our inventor Lord Jason Scott in the video how the technology works.
diane kenny
cryo body sculptor

Pricing Plans

summer price sale

2 treatments


one session

  • Great for loosing that stubborn pocket of fat

6 treatments


3 sessions

  • have more than a little stubborn fat to lose

10 treatments


5 sessions

  • multiple treatments can result in significant reshaping of the body



                            WEAR LOOSE CLOTHES

The procedure is completely non-invasive and non-surgical, so you can expect to return to normal activities right after a session.

  1. The session is 45min to 1 hour.
  2. An Aesthetic Practitioner will ask you to show the area you would like treated.
  3. You will be shown where the ‘handles’ of our Lokkima technology will be placed.
  4. You will need to expose the area that will be treated – please wear loose fitting clothes that can be rolled up or down as needed.
  5. You will then be able to lie back comfortably and the cold treatment cloth will be applied to the area.
  6. The handles of the Lokkima machine will placed on the treated area
  7. The Treatment will then take place, you will feel a pinch, then warmth and then a little cold.  The pinch varies form person to person, but will be of short duration.
  8. After the treatment is complete, the area will be massaged for 5-7min.

Before the session we create an individualized treatment plan tailored to suit your unique needs.  The waiver to be signed recognizes that this is not for people who are pregnant, have a pacemaker or who have tumors.  And you can relax, read or use your phone while we freeze away the stubborn fat.  


We recommend that you massage the treated area with a cream that contains vitamin E,  which is most creams.  Also drink 1 liter of cold water in the morning to flush out the dead fat cells and fire up your metabolism in the stomach area for the 3 months after.  Generally increase your fluid intake as well.  Exercise a minimum of 1 hour a week and avoid any blood thinners.   Results vary, but most people see results right way, as they maintain their weight.

This is a good time to diet because you can target your weight loss.  Best results can be obtained by those who use this as a tool to augment their exercise and healthy life styles.

Are there any side effects to cryolipolysis?

Common sensations are numbness, tingling as numbness subsides, localised swelling, localised tenderness and mild redness after treatment.  Uncommon is abdominal cramping, bloating, bruising, pinpoint bleeding, nausea and “pins and needles” sensation which are temporary.  Any numbness, redness or bruising will fade from 2 to 7 days.

Generally, you are able to resume normal daily activities without discomfort immediately after the treatment session. It’s even possible to have a treatment on your lunch break!

 How much fat can you destroy and remove?

Clinical studies on cryolipolysis have shown reduction of fat cells between 20% and 40%. Results willvary on the individual, the thickness of fat deposits in each area and your lifestyle post treatment.

Does it work for excess skin?

For those with normal skin elasticity, the part of the body that is being reduced by destroying fatcell will tighten back to normal, partly helped by the fact that it is a gradual process over 3 to 4 months. However for those with pre-existing skin laxity/excess skin, the elasticity has already been compromised so the treatment will not help and further fat loss would maintain that level of excess skin or worsen it due to less fat being in that area. There are skin-tightening procedures available so this is not a contra indicator. We find having fat freezing treatment combined with skin micro needling treatment can complement and significantly improve the area for thicker, tighter and toned skin.   

Customized plan to

achieve your goals

we will set up a customized plan to achieve your goals

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